A warm welcome to our four new group members: Rebecca Martin, Mehedi Hasan Babu, Alex Irwin, and Khandker Jubayer Alam. (2023) Learn more about our group members here.

Nicholas Pietra published in Macromolecules in collaboration with Dr. Epps’s group (2023)

Congratulations to Deyang Yu for successfully defending his thesis! (2021) Off to Lawrence Berkeley National Lab for his postdoc! (2023)

Collaboration with Dr. Lin’s lab published in Journal of the American Chemical Society (2023)

Masen and Lin lab funded by DOE Battery 500 grant ($900k)

Collaboration with the Dr. Bortner, Dr. Roman, and Dr. Edgar’s group published in Biomacromolecules (2023)

Collaboration with Dr. Hickey and Dr. Colby gets published in Macromolecules (2023)

Collaboration with Dr. Dingemans and Dr. Colby gets published in ACS Applied Energy Materials (2023)

Deyang Yu Published in ACS Energy Letters in collaboration with Dr. Diego Troya and Dr. Ralph Colby (2023)

Drew Korovich defends his Ph.D. – Feb 15, 2022 – Off to NIST for an NRC postdoc with Dr. Ryan Nieuwendaal! (2022)

Madsen and Colby (Penn. State) labs received $600k grant from NSF Chemistry “Macromolecular, Supramolecular, and Nanochemistry” Program. (2022)

NSF Polymers program awards Dr. Madsen special creativity award, $740k (2022)

Congratulations to Evan for his new job at Intel in Portland OR (2022)

Congratulations to Curt for successfully defending his thesis and for his new job at Magritek Inc. in Malvern, PA! (2021)

Congratulations to Rui for successfully defending and for his new job at PPG (2021)

Dr. Madsen, Deyang, and Curt interviewed by local TV news – Feb 3, 2020

Curt Zanelotti published in Macromolecules with Prof. Ralph Colby group

Madsen and Lin labs funded by DOE (1 Million) Check VT NEWS

Dr. Xiuli Li successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis! – Dec 16th. 2019

Dr. Ying Wang published in Nature Communications – Nov. 2019

Deyang Yu published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces with Prof. Theo Dingemans group

Prof. Madsen was quoted by Washington Post on battery fire issues – June 2019

Louis A. Madsen got promoted to full professor! – June 2019

MRS BulletinSynthetic polymer forms double helix with high stiffness, May 2019

Shravan Uppala passed his preliminary exam, a new Ph. D. candidate on board, April 2019

VT News – Publication in Nature Communications, Mar. 2019

Lam M. Thieu published in Macromolecules, collab. w/ PSU, Dec. 2018

Andrew G. Korovich pulished in Macromolecules, collab. w/ UVA, Nov. 2018

Xiuli Li pulished in Macromolecules, collab. w/ U. Houston, Oct. 2018

VT Collegiate Times – article by Andrew Shedlock, Oct. 2016

WFXR – interview by Sophia Borrelli, October. 2016

WVTF – VT NPR station – interview by Robbie Harris, on March. 2016